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Number Plate Printing

If you need a number plate done to the highest quality at an affordable price, then call us. We print legal number plates as well as show plates. We can print off your plates, following all guidelines.

In Ireland you must:

Display your registration number, with black letters on a white reflective background.
You must have the EU flag, and the letters IRL to the left of the reg number.
The name of the county your car was registered in must be in Irish.

If you require something more bespoke, speak to us today, we will be happy to help.

Number Plates

How to get new Plates

  • Photo ID (Like Driver’s License/Passport etc.)

  • Paperwork from the VRT office if the car is newly registered in Ireland

  • Paperwork of Ownership


We print while you wait. It only takes a couple of minutes.

  • Fitting available upon request (Terms and Conditions Apply)

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